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Connecting to Chat

The network is accessible from the KiwiIRC and the Matrix website chats, the desktop app, the phone app, and from an irc client using any of the servers listed in the section below. Because of the newest ssl built into the chat network, some older irc clients may not work. Please update your client to the latest available version if you have difficulty connecting.
You can see the chat room list here.

Depression and Bipolar Chat

Available Servers
Port 6667 or 6697 (for ssl) (connects to nearest server)

[m]Matrix Chat
Our newest addition is the [m]Matrix chat which is powered by the Riot app. This app will take you to the same chat room as the KiwiIRC Matrix portal but this app allows you to do video chats and share photos right from chat, plus other bells and whistles to explore. It can run right in your browser but it does not work in Edge, you'll need Google Chrome or Firefox. It's pretty cool. I highly recommend you give it a try. This webchat requires you to set up a Matrix account with a username and a password for signing into chat.


[m]Matrix Riot Apps
[m]Matrix chat can also be installed as a phone app or a computer app. These Riot apps require you to set up a Matrix account with us. In addition to choosing a username and a password, the apps require you to enter in the correct homeserver name to connect to Asylum the first time you use them. The apps will remember your homeserver thereafter. A seperate page with illustrated instructions and links to the apps can be found HERE.

KiwiIRC Chat
KiwiIRC powers the most basic web chat portal. It only requires  you to choose a user name (or use the default name) in order to connect.  There is an option to input a password for returning registered users  to automatically identify them to nickserv.
Once you join a chat room using one of the KiwiIRC chats, you can join any room on the network from there by using the command /join #roomname.
You can connect directly to the following chat rooms on this website:

Chat Room List

Asylum Mental Health Network is a peer support network of websites and chat rooms. We are not medical professionals nor are we trained in crisis intervention.

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