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About Us
The Asylum Mental Health Network was born when www.mixednuts.net joined forces with www.crazy-peeps.net to create one big community, bringing with them their shared vision of a supportive yet fun place for people with mental illness to socialize. Both Mixed Nuts and Crazy Peeps came into being  because their creators had bad experiences at other mental illness chats and wanted something better for everyone.
Mixed Nuts
Created in 1998, www.mixednuts.net contains information on depression and bipolar disorder. There are self-help tips for when you are feeling hopeless as well as crisis line numbers worldwide. There are webchats offered that connect to the Asylum network via the irc.mixednuts.net server including the main #mixednuts Depression and Bipolar Chat.

The younger of the main Depression and Bipolar Support websites and chat rooms, at www.crazy-peeps.net you will find webchats that connect to chat rooms on the Asylum network via the irc.crazy-peeps.net server, including the  main #crazy-peeps depression and bipolar chat. It also has pages dedicated to showing you the  basic IRC commands and bot commands you can use in our chats.

Located at www.asylum.xyz is the website for the Asylum Mental Health Network hub server, irc.asylum.xyz. Here you will find webchats for several of our chat rooms, including both mental health chats and fun chats. There are also helpful pages for those in crisis as well as pages showing you bacic IRC commands and bot commands you can use in our chat rooms.

Sane Solutions
Under construction and located at www.sanesolutions.org, this is another gateway website associated with one of our depression and bipolar chat network servers. Here, there will be the list of network servers, a map of their locations, and a list of available chat rooms.

To be located at www.bullshit-irc.net, this website is currently under construction and will include Mibbit web chat link that takes you directly to the #bullshit chat room on the Asylum Mental Health Network.

Any and all
Peer support
Is no subsitute for
Professional medical care.
Online resources are tools
To be used with care.
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