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Mental Haze
Mental Haze
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Asylum Mental Health Network
is an association of peer created depression and bipolar websites and the mental illness related chat rooms that live on the Asylum network of servers. You can chat with us here on the website using the Matrix or the KiwiIRC webchats, on your phone or on your computer using the Element app, on Discord, or using an irc client. If you are looking for Mixed Nuts or Crazy-peeps, you are in the right place.

"Mental Haze"
because sometimes trying to think with a mental illness is like shining a bright light into the fog.
Depression Chat and Bipolar Chat
for Support and for Fun
Asylum Mental Health Network
Our Websites
each offer web based access to chat rooms on the Asylum Mental Health Network via that site's associated server, as well as a variety of resources related to depression and bipolar disorder.

Peer Support
We are  not medical professionals nor are we trained in crisis counseling. The  information provided on our websites and any advice given in our chat  rooms should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical help.  Our chat rooms are not meant to be used for crisis intervention.  For suicide crisis phone numbers worldwide see Crisis Help > or the Crisis Help section at www.mixednuts.net.
Chat Rooms


Any and all
Peer support
Is no subsitute for
Professional medical care.
Online resources are tools
To be used with care.
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