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Chat Rules

For Teens
We believe teens need support environments specific to their age group which we cannot offer.
Please try these links instead:

Or text the word HOME to: 741741 (US and Canada), 85258 (UK), 0861 800 280 (Ireland)

Chat Room Rules

  • Abuse of other chatters will not be tolerated. (This includes the ops who are users who accepted the added responsibility of keeping the chat room safe.)
  • People who are rude or intolerant of other races or sexual orientations are not welcome here.
  • Arguments or Inciting Arguments will not be tolerated.
  • Explicit sexual discussions will not be allowed. In addition, we do not want to constantly hear about your  sexploits and/or chronic masturbation.
  • Please check your politics and religion at the door. These two topics are inappropriate for a mental health chat open to all. ( * People who are vehemently anti-religion are just as offensive as religious zealots if not more so.) ( ** If you MUST spew on about political issues, please go to the #philosophy chat room on the server)
  • While the topic of illicit drug use is not prohibited, please don't go into lengthy discussions.
       It can make our non user guests rather uncomfortable
  • DO NOT use nicknames referring to suicide or self harm or death in any way.
  • Threats of and discussions about Suicide and Self Injury can be triggers for others.
       Do Not discuss or threaten suicide in chat.   Do Not discuss or threaten self harm.
  • We suggest those struggling with Self Injury use the #sh-recovery chat room on the server or visit
  • If you are Suicidal, use the Suicide Crisis pages at to find a  crisis intervention phone number in your area.
  • It is common courtesy to ask permission in the main room before private messaging someone. People are not always up to it. Ask first !
Asylum Mental Health Network is a peer support network of websites and chat rooms. We are not medical professionals nor are we trained in crisis intervention.

Created by zort - 2020

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